DVF’S “WRAP RALLY” & Perfume Launch

DVF’S “WRAP RALLY” & Perfume Launch

DVF’S “WRAP RALLY” & Perfume Launch

By now you all know that Diane von Furstenberg will be launching her new fragrance, DIANE, with a public appearance tonight at the Bloomigdale’s on 59th Street.Attendees who purchase DIANE will have the opportunity to meet the designer and receive her autograph as a keepsake. But that’s not all!

Leading up to the appearance, a “Wrap Rally” is about to take place in NYC featuring women sporting Diane von Furstenberg’s original signature: thewrap dress. Women wearing the classic wrap will hand out scented ribbons in SoHo, Union Square, Times Square and the Meatpacking District. The Wrap Rally participants will converge on the flagship Bloomingdale’s location just prior to the event and create a wrap flash mob to generate excitement. So look for wrap-clad women in the streets, on the subways and in front of Bloomingdale’s to mark this momentous occasion.


Consider yourself warned. Follow @DVF on Twitter and check out the live map to help you find the Wrap Rally. Come join!


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